Litigating Hurricane Katrina: Role and Impact of Trial Lawyers After Disaster
Joseph M. Bruno, Sr. & Daniel A. Meyer

The Status and Evolution of First-Party Property Insurance Bad Faith Claims After Hurricane Katrina
James M. Garner, Darnell Bludworth, &Martha Y. Curtis

Katrina’s Impact on Litigation of Insurance Claims Under Louisiana Law
Judy Y. Barrasso & Kristin L. Beckman


Putting Louisiana Prisons on Notice: A Call for Death Notification to Next-of-Kin in the Event of an Inmate’s Death
Ashley E. Arnold

The Contagion of Governmental Leadership: A Renewed Call for Increased Federal Presence in Communicable Disease Emergencies
Thomas D. Kimball


Congressional and Presidental Electoral Reform After Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
T. Hart Benton

Google, Inc. v. Oracle America, Inc.: Supreme Court Declines to Review Reversal of Landmark API Copyright Decision
Nicholas A. Holton